Volunteer Opportunities

Here at Little Fenway, Little Wrigley, and Little Field of Dreams, we’re always looking to improve the field for play and charity fundraising. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in donating time or resources to the field please feel free to contact us. Below is a list of improvements that are on top of the list.

  • Help on drainage improvements:
    • New farm road to Little Wrigley
    • French drain at Little Fenway
    • Improved drainage around Little Wrigley
    • Maintenance/repairs in grass parking lots
  • Improved wheelchair access to Little Wrigley
  • Building 600 club behind Little Fenway
  • Charity tournament help (May 31 – June 5, Aug 3-7)
  • Minor improvements to support behind Green Monster
  • Repairs to retired numbers
  • New infield dirt on both fields