2013 Winter Classic

The 2013 Winter Classic will be held on February 2nd at Little Fenway and Little Wrigley. Below is the schedule of games:

Time Little Fenway Little Wrigley
8:30 Sports Central Green Monsters Curse Lifted Generations Scared Hitless
9:30 Juggernauts Bomb Squad The Hillpeople Donut Boys
10:30 Scared Hitless The Hillpeople Green Monsters Juggernauts
11:30 Channel 3 Bay Sox Bomb Squad Sports Central
12:30 SLAMDiabetes Scared Hitless The Hillpeople Channel 3
1:30 Donut Boys Curse Lifted Generations Bay Sox SLAMDiabetes
2:30 #4 Seed #1 Seed #3 Seed #2 Seed
3:30 Championship
4:30 Award Ceremony