A Letter From Pat O’Connor

As many of you know, a few friends and I built a replica mini-Fenway Park called “Little Fenway” in my backyard 10 years ago. I can’t say I knew exactly what we were doing at the time, but in the years since we built it the field has given me more joy than I ever could have imagined. The one thing I’m most proud of is the charity games that have taken place here over the years.

Ten years ago I read Travis Roy’s book “Eleven Seconds” and was immediately inspired to see if Little Fenway could be a vehicle to raise money for the Travis Roy Foundation. On August 6-8, 2010, with the help of an amazing volunteer team, we will hold our ninth annual Travis Roy Foundation WIFFLE ball tournament. All proceeds will support the Travis Roy Foundation’s mission to fund spinal cord research and to assist other spinal cord injured survivors in purchasing specialized adaptive equipment. This adaptive equipment includes wheelchairs, voice-activated computers, and simple home modifications. I encourage you to visit the travisroyfoundation.org website to learn more.

Every year we continue to tweak the tournament in an effort to make it more successful. This year each participant was given their own personal online fundraising page. My hope is you will consider making a donation by clicking the “Sponsor Me” button on my Pat and Beth O’Connor page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would love to have you visit us during the weekend of August 6-8. Let me know if you will be around.

Thank you,
Pat O’Connor